Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2nd Impressions of College Prep Genius

Now, that it's been awhile since I've received my copy of College Prep Genius to review, I wanted to post some more about my impressions of this system.

Personally, I was always scared to take SAT thinking it was a more intellectual type test than the ACT. All this time, I have been wrong. The SAT is more of a logic test that includes an essay. This system goes through and thoroughly explains each part of SAT and how it works. If I had had this system when I was getting prepared for college, I definitely would have thought more seriously about taking SAT.

With this system, if a person was to go through and do exactly what the program describes then there is an excellent chance of full scholarships. The system teaches acronyms to learn the best ways of working out the logic of these tests and the method of test-taking. Now, of course, grades, transcripts and extra-curricullar activities matter with admission to college, but the scores on the SAT/ACT tell a story of their own as well.

I would highly recommend this system to anyone in high school to go through no matter which test they are taking. To me, it will be invaluable resource in my household for years to come. I am already recommending it to every high schooler I know.

Blessings to all,
DebG, Head Nut

Monday, October 26, 2009

Padded cells half off this week only

For a few minutes, I need to let everyone know about the woman behind the blog. It's been a crazy week. I'm behind on everything and nothing is getting done. When the flu ran through me, it at least left my household alone. For once, maybe I did something right. ha ha

If you're like me, the craziness of life can get to you at times. That's one reason I refer to my house as the Looneybin. With three kids who think most of the time they are running the show, two dogs who are positive that they are the boss, a husband who really is the numero uno dude and then me, things don't always go according to plan.

This was supposed to be a great school year, full of experimenting with new ideas and learning what is going to work for our little family. Instead, to me it has felt like utter chaos. We have fully enjoyed reviewing for the Old Schoolhouse and the products they have been sending, but much to my dismay, we haven't found a "groove" yet that works for us.

I'm asking my readers for advice. The Looneybin needs a little less chaos and a little more harmony. Maybe, mom just needs to get her act together, I really don't know. Teaching kids in the 3rd, 5th and 8th grades is a challenge, especially since their interests are so varied. We also have a schedule that keeps us hopping since my husband is a pastor, then I need to be available at a moments notice and be able to leave the kids working well on their own. Perhaps I made a mistake in getting away from workbooks that we never seemed to complete. Right now, I baring myself to you and asking you, what you veterans might suggest. Yes, I've been at this for 9 years but somehow, we still don't have it together and I do so want them to learn and do well. I'm just however not ready to hand them over to public schools under any circumstances.

Thanks in advance for your help!

DebG, Head Nut

Friday, October 23, 2009

And October's Winner Is.....

Our October subscription drawing is at a close! I put everyone's name into my littlest nut's Indiana Jones hat and the warden very suspiciously drew out a name. You should have seen the look on my hubbie's face. He didn't know what he was getting himself into, lol.

BUT, Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker, you are the winner of a one year subscription to the Old Schoolhouse magazine. I will be contacting you via e-mail to confirm the details.

Thanks to everyone who participated and rest assured, I have more drawings in the works! Keep watching and reading.

DebG, Head Nut

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Contest

I would like to announce a contest. See it's time for me to renew my Old Schoolhouse Magazine and I need someone to share with. I'm going to get the buy one, get one, but here in the LooneyBin, well there aren't many people to share with yet since I'm new in town. So, I'm reaching out to you. So if you don't currently get the magazine, leave me a comment on Facebook (this note entry please) or my blog and in one week from today, I will put everyone's name in a hat and let one of my little nuts draw out a winner. If this contest goes well, then I have a couple more of my sleeve in the next couple of months! The winner will be drawn on Friday morning, October 23, 2009. So all comments/entries must be made by midnight on Thursday, CST.

Thanks in advance for letting me share with you.


Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

Remember the old food guide pyramids that we learned growing up? Throw them out. Yes, I said it, throw them out completely. This curriculum has redefined that pyramid. The only thing missing is my chocolate food group. Oh, well. This curriculum is targeted for all age groups. Since I have three different grades in my household, it worked quite well as we began to go over it.

So far, we have talked about the brain and it's functions. Now admittedly, I had to explain quite a bit in the material but it made for good discussion and research. I have always loved looking up what I don't know and I'm trying to instill that in my children. Although in the microwave age, kids aren't used to waiting on information or being patient enough to learn by looking up. I believe the kids who are willing to do this will excel in all areas. My kids giggled over some of the names and of course, me being me, I took advantage and decided to make them a little sillier. They seem to remember things better when they have had fun with it.

The recipes and extra resources really made this curriculum a true curriculum. There are loads of activities to enhance each chapter and scores of resources at the end of the book to make looking up valuable information a snap. This curriculum, if followed, will change your way of looking at food and possibly change your whole life. It simply explains how these changes can enhance your goals at healthy living. Now, me, I eat junk and next year, well, we've decided to have a huge garden. I'm going to be taking the facts in this book and applying it to making the best garden for my family possible. The money savings that I will see in my food bill alone will allow me to buy better at the store for things I can't grow in my area.

I will admit, this book seems a little pricey, BUT (notice huge "but") this curriculum can be used in place of any nutrition curriculum that you currently use and can be used for all grades over and over again. Most health curriculums cover nutrition every year, but I have never seen one to cover it this well. I received my copy for free for review as a PDF download and it makes scanning through and searching so easy! The print book can be ordered for $99.95 and the CD-ROM can be ordered for $79.95. You can also order the combo (book and CD-ROM) for $129.95.

Being frugal is in my nature, but trust me, in the long run, this purchase would be frugal. It can be used for many years to come and somehow, I have a feeling that the nutrition sense in this book will not be outdated for some time to come. That reminds me, I need to go make a backup of my file, I can't afford to lose this valuable resource!

DebG, Head Nut (nuts are nutritional, lol)