Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guardian Angel Publishing

Ever wonder about the quality of usefulness of e-books? Well, I have. Will I use them, will they be relevant in my child's schoolwork, will I even remember to use them, much less do they contain any educational value?? Well, the books that this publisher sent me answered the questions I had about this particular type of book.

As a confession, they did sit on my desktop for sometime but after a couple of weeks, I asked my kids one by one to look at them and tell me what they thought. The littlest nuts responded, "Good." Well, in their little world that means two thumbs up. I enjoyed the short stories and one book even had a good language lesson at the end, complete with identifying nouns and verbs. It also had some little games to help them with comprehension.

These are a great idea for a family who's bookcase just simply is too small to take on more materials or for a short term need. One of the downloads I checked was only $5.00, of course there are other ways to get including CD, print and even a DVD book video (how cool is that??). Take a look at Guardian Angel Publishing!

DebG, Head Nut

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