Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Have you seen this???

The Old Schoolhouse has a huge new planner for 2009-2010! This thing is full of everything you could possibly imagine. For scatterbrained, disorganized geniuses like myself, well sometimes we need some things to keep us in line just so things actually run during the day.

To begin with it has forms you can actually type onto with Adobe. I have already begun to type in doctor's appointments, moving dates and other things that I can't afford to forget onto the interactive calendar. Then I can just print and post! How simple is that? Because it comes in an e-book format, you can print off just what you need at the time. Truly, there will be so many times in the year when you could really use a list or short lesson and it will be there to simply look up and print. All nice and neat for you to use.

I was one of these people who said, "A planner is a waste of time, I don't need that." Well, after looking at this one, I have changed my mind! It doesn't just have school related forms and items, it also has household forms, checklists and other miscellaneous items that I would have never thought to have. I have been doing flylady.net things on and off and even have her organizer for myself, but this planner even has forms for the kids! For example, there is a form to print out for your child for the chores he/she can do each day. One form I really needed was a library book form to keep up with what I had and when it was due. Maybe now I won't have so many overdue fines!!

Did I mention it had extras? How about two yummy recipes to try each month? My mouth started watering over some of them as soon as I started scrolling through the planner. That's 24 recipes that you won't regret trying.

The homeschool forms included really are very useful in getting your act together this year. I'm sure we all need that from time to time. The forms are very adaptable to the user's needs and there are even different versions of many of the pages to fit your needs. I have three children and there is one particular form where I can type in their assignments for each subject for the week, print and post it. I hadn't thought of it before. Whether you grade by day or by test/assignment, there are forms for keeping track of that also. I personally think the journaling pages for different age levels and subjects are going to be hit at my house this year.

There are also tons of helpful links to go with a particular subject each month. They are like a "focus" for the month. Lists are included that are relevant to each focus and links follow for more information or resources available at TOS.

I guess to sum it up, whether you unschool or have a strict schedule or anything in between this planner is a must have this year. It doesn't matter your family size, it is easily adapted to everyone's needs. I believe you will be completely blown away with this planner, but don't take my word for it, go by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Website and get one yourself!


  1. This sounds like an AWESOME planner! ;-)

  2. You would not believe! I just know I'm not going to be able to live without it this year!

  3. Good job on your first review! I think you will do great this year on the Crew. I am looking forward to reviewing and to getting to know you and the other Crew members. :)

  4. I hope TOS likes it, although it is so true. I was truly amazed with this!

  5. I saw the title of your blog over at the TOS Blog, and I had to come check it out:) I'm a pastor's wife too...maybe there's something about that role, that makes us both a bit "looney!"

  6. Hmmm....ya think??? ha ha I wouldn't trade it for the world though. Nice to meet ya!