Sunday, August 2, 2009

Works in progress

You know we are all works in progress. Even adults as old as, well me. I think there should be a learning curve in life somehow, somewhere, especially when it comes to kids. Maybe I could take a mulligan here or there. That way they won't repeat my words or act like I do too much of the time. I see myself in my teenager so much. Sometimes, that is scary enough in of itself. You see, like the name of my blog implies, I'm a little nuts, down to earth, but a little nuts.

Other works in progress around here is my house. My husband and his father are in the process of remodeling the attic of our new home to put in some bedrooms and a bathroom for my girls. Now that is a more stable work in progress albeit an expensive one! I'm excited about the changes taking place around me.

I have now survived VBS and a youth trip to Eureka Springs. I feel like I've accomplished a lot!

Now I need help accomplishing something else. This is a new blog and well, I'm depending on my few followers to help me find some more. I would really like to take this places. I plan to share some of my looneybin homeschool antics as the school year starts. That ought to be enough but on a semi regular basis, I would love to have giveaways. I have a few things in mind starting in September. So we have a few weeks to spread the word. In the meantime, I'm going to be figuring out how to put a video of my beagle on here. Don't turn me off yet, people don't believe me when I say we get him to do an "inside bark". Actually, it's me who does the training of this trick. I got tired of the absolute beagle bark in my house since he's an inside dog. I figured if you can train a dog to do tricks and train kids to use "inside voices" then surely you could do an "inside bark". Sure enough, he'll do it for me.

So hopefully, these things will give you a reason to help me promote my blog. Reviews are coming near the end of the month for 3-4 products of which I'll be doing some giveaways using those products which my family has done or doesn't need. It's always great to get free stuff!

Until next time, blessings and looneys to all!!

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